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"I just flipped my grandmother's house. I needed quite a bit of plumbing done. I had a bunch of companies come by and give me quotes. He beat the competitors quotes by a very large amount. He seemed more competent in his answers about the solutions to the problems I had and so I chose to go with his company. He keeps up good, prompt communication. He sent his employee, Dell. Dell, is absolutely great and is a definite asset to the company! Very personable and very good at what he does. I am a very happy customer. I live in Tampa and just wish I could have them work on my house when I flip it!"


Alisson B.

Tampa, FL

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"Out of this world!  Jason Gallo is simply a Super Star!!!  Was referred to him for a sink issue that was non-existent after he showed up.  I thought he was next door when I called him because he showed up so quickly.  Maybe I'm having an amazing day where the right people show up at the right time to make my life easier OR maybe Jason Gallo is one of those great individuals that believe in Outstanding Service.  I think it's BOTH and so grateful for the referral and speechless on how wonderful Gallo Plumbing Services truly are!  


Thank you Jason for making a new (since 1/20/13) Sarasota resident feel great in your beautiful neighborhood!  Not that I want any other plumbing issues, but if they do arise, there will not be any anxiety or stress since you're only a phone call away ;D"


Randy W.

Palm Desert, CA

"I describe dealing with Gallo Plumbing "effortless and unstressful". I called and spoke with Jason, who is completely competant and knowledgeable. An appointment was immediately scheduled and Dell was sent out. Dell was also knowledgeable and in short time fixed our issue. Their price is right in line with their less competant competitors. I highly recommend them! I only wish every company I dealt with, on a daily basis, was as professional and competant as Gallo Plumbing.


Jim R.